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November 7, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

It is common to find granite countertops in many homes these days because of their top notch characteristics and breathe taking designs. But it requires a lot of special care and products to take care of your granite counter top. You will need to stop using simple methods to maintenance your granite, because they may hurt the sealant and can cause unwanted damage which will lead to help liquids penetrate the sealant and hurting it. In order to keep your granite counter follow the net tips that provides short term and long term care:

  • Short term: buying special products that are made for granite is what you need to consider if you like keeping granite’s surface shiny and smoothing. Remember to stop using chemical products to clean it since they can damage the sealants and cause the colors to fade. In general try avoiding using chemical products at any costs since they can damage the granite’s pores. If you don’t know what to use, go to your local store and check 409 natural stone cleaner which provides good effects and can protect the sealant and preserve it colors. So always keep away from using HF and hydro acids and forget about damaging your granite counter tops.
  • Long term care: if you want to keep your granite countertop’s surface smooth, attractive and shiny make sure to use sealant on it twice a year, like that you will prevent the sealant from getting damaged by acids and household chemical products. This way you will not have to worry to replace your granite for a long time because when applying the sealant, it improves and enhance the granite’s pores and surface making it hard to penetrate by acids and liquids. Also you can use bullet proof stone sealer which offers the best protection for your granite counter tops, you can use it to keep your granite durable, resistible and bright. But if you can’t afford to buy the sealant product and bullet proof stone sealer, you can think about using car wax it maybe sounds an old method but it can satisfy all your needs.

Following the previous granite care and maintenance tips will absolutely deliver you the best results for entire years, so don’t hesitate to try them to keep your granite counter top decorative colors and outstanding durability.




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