Does your yard need a facelift? or maybe your new house or business needs new landscaping. If so, that's what we are good at. Give E N J construction a call.

Landscaping Contractor In Fort McMurray

Our landscaping team consists of knowledgeable people in the business of design, construction and landscape maintenance, which means you will be getting the best solution for your needs.

No matter what type of landscaping service  you are looking for, ENJ construction can help you by providing the highest quality of service in our industry, while making sure you are satisfied with the finished result.

We’ve helped turn many front yard and back yards in the Fort McMurray area into gorgeous landscapes and are eager to transform your space into something beautiful.

ENJ Construction landscaping services include but are not limited to:

- ground excavation
- planting trees, flower beds
- spreading sod
- hauling loam, gravel, clay and more
- tree cutting and trimming
- winter snow removal

So if you have anything that needs work in your backyard, front yard give us a call for the most competitive quote.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal ENJ Construction provides snow removal to all commercial and residential properties in the Fort McMurray area. You can sign up to receive pre-scheduled times to have snow removed from your property. As soon as a certain amount of snow is on the ground, our crew ...


Excavation Do you need to remove some dirt or remove a tree or an unwanted bump on your property? Do you need to dig a hole for a new swimming pool or even dig for treasures in your backyard? Well, then let us handle the heavy machinery, our excavation machinery allows ...

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services We believe that landscaping is an art form. With our long winters, there are only a few months left to enjoy the summer time, and with that, we want to make sure our customers have the most beautiful yard, that is maintenance-free and practical. In fact our work is ...

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