Fort McMurray Landscapers – How To Hire A Fort McMurray Landscaping Professional

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Fort McMurray Landscapers – How To Hire A Fort McMurray Landscaping Professional

Picking the right fort mcmurray landscaping contractor means the difference between spending pleasurable summers in your backyard or dealing with frustration.

fort mcmurray landscaping contractor

fort mcmurray landscaping contractor

Interviewing tips for getting the best fort mcmurray landscapers

  • What are their areas of expertise?
  • Do they have a portfolio of past work?
  • Do they have references or if not will their price offered be worth it?
  • How many years have you been in business? What experience do you have? Maybe from their other jobs if they are just starting
  • Do they have the right tools?

When looking for a fort mcmurray landscaping contractor, look for the following too

  • What are their environmental practices? (Consider equipment use, landscape design, pest control and ecological sensitivity, what kind of chemical do they use)
  • Do they belong to any trade associations in fort mcmurray?
  • Will they provide adequate liability insurance? Ask, for proof. Homeowners can be responsible in the event of an accident if the contractor has insufficient insurance.) this is usually taken care of by Alberta WCB insurance.
  • Will they provide a copy of their WCB clearance letter?
  • What are their payment terms?
  • What process do they use for change management and how do they resolve disputes?

Basic questions to ask when checking references about a fort mcmurray landscaper:

  • Were they happy with the work?
  • was the job finished on time?
  • Did the contractor communicate and keep them informed of  problems along the way?
  • were there extra charges?
  • Did the workers arrive as expected?
  • Did they clean up after finishing the job?
  • Would they recommend this contractor?
  • Would they use this contractor again?

Agree on these points with your fort mcmurray landscaping contractor before the project begins:

  • What is the estimated project length and the estimated start and end dates?
  • Could weather or their other projects interrupt the schedule?
  • What are their work hours?
  • Will they need access to my house?
  • What noise should I expect? Will work impact my neighbors?
  • Are all necessary permits in order i.e., electrical, plumbing, sewer, tree removal, structural building such as decks, walls?
  • Will they adhere to bylaws regulating planting, pesticides, noise, refuse, street access and safety procedures for above and underground utilities?

Get it all in writing when you hire a fort mcmurray landscaper

Do not start a project unless the contractor has agreed to get things in writing. Stuff that needs to be there are:

  • Scope of work that they are to do;
  • Fees, expenses and schedule of work;
  • List of Subcontractors that will be used;
  • Schedule of payments (deposits, progress payments, final payments, etc);
  • Communication and reporting process they will be using;
  • Most importantly Warranties on their work and materials;


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